We now have a fibre internet connection for high quality FaceTime & Skype video calls

Reiss Gunson  |  News  | 05 Jul 2017

This is today's news, just connected up an hour ago.  We now have the advertised speed for the service of 200mbps down and 20mbps up

Now that we have it up and running i will upgrade our account to a premium service which is sold with an advertised speed of 700-900mbps down and 400-500mbps up

I will let you know when we have this premium service in place

Now please do make use of this service as it is a superb way for me to provide the highest quality of customer service to you

Email is fine for basic yes/no issues, but if you want help with some aspect of your technique or wonder how something 'looks' or indeed any kind of subjective issue, please do use Facetime, or Skype

Just email me to arrange a time that is mutually convenient



If you have not purchased a LONDINIUM distribution tool yet you are missing out

Reiss Gunson  |  News  | 02 Jul 2017

if you are dissatisfied with your espresso the LONDINIUM distribution tool is the silver bullet you need

the londinium distribution tool will all but guarantee you a beautiful central pour from your bottomless portafilter on almost every shot

before you rush off and spend a lot of money on a new grinder i urge you to try this tool first as i think you may be pleasantly surprised and save yourself a lot of money

the londinium distribution tool will transform your espresso for the better for grinders at all price points

we also offer a dosing funnel if you do not own one already so you dont send coffee all over your kitchen bench as you use the distribution tool

Compak E5 grinders are coming to LONDINIUM in both 120V and 240V

Reiss Gunson  |  News  | 01 Jul 2017

we are adding the Compak E5 to our offer, and as with the E8 we will stock both 120V and 240V editions, all in matt black and with the LED portafilter fork lights which have proven to be very useful on the E8 and E10 as many users have their grinders in a corner that is often poorly lit

dont make the mistake i made of assuming that because the E5 is a 58mm flat burr grinder that it is simply a Compak K3 in an expensive housing.  the Compak K3 is a grinder i have owned and we ceased to offer it because we dont feel it is a suitable match with our machines

the E5 has a 550W motor instead of the 210W motor on the K3 and you can see from the stated production times that the E5 grinds much quicker than the K3, so given that they both have 58mm flat burrs the pitch of the burrs on the E5 must be much more aggresive that the K3, and this will be why a motor that is more than twice as powerful as the K3 has been fitted

when Compak get around to releasing the PKR to market i will purchase one of those to test too, and assuming it measures up we plan to stock the PKR in 120V and 240V configurations also

We've finally caught up: production line as at now:

Reiss Gunson  |  News  | 29 Jun 2017

We have currently one 240V LR with an Australian/New Zealand/Argentina/China plug and one 120V LR with a North American plug on it and some L2s in stock

The batch on the production line shown in the image above will be ready for me to book out this time next week so ordering now will give you the breifest wait time we have ever been able to offer on the LR

Congratulations Emirates Team New Zealand on winning the 35th America's Cup!

Reiss Gunson  |  News  | 27 Jun 2017

Superb.  So good.


ps - i took today off to celebrate, but i will be back on deck tomorrow.

Mickael writes from France:

Reiss Gunson  |  News  | 26 Jun 2017

Hi Reiss
thanks a lot !
your Londinium R is a beautifull achievement .
easy to use,craftmaniship on top ,reliable and most of all,fine expresso ? .
very happy with this purchase .
with even better coffee .....? .

LONDINIUM R update, 21 June

Reiss Gunson  |  News  | 21 Jun 2017

Limansky rolls out the door today


LONDINIUM R update, 19 June

Reiss Gunson  |  News  | 21 Jun 2017

yesterday we despatched two LR, one to Foundry Coffee Roasters and one to van der Weel

today there are two more machines on test but they were not ready in time for the courier, so i would expect to book these two out on DHL Express tomorrow




LONDINIUM R update, 16 June

Reiss Gunson  |  News  | 16 Jun 2017

O'Hana & de Wilde going today.

Incorrect parts sent - was it you?

Reiss Gunson  |  News  | 15 Jun 2017

i believe someone messaged me via Facebook or perhaps Tapatalk or some other channel informing me that when they opened their DHL Express parcel it did not contain the correct parts - i believe you felt that the incorrect type of seal(s) had been sent

if this was you can you please contact me via email as i dont seem to be able to find your original message and im keen to resolve it for you

apologies for losing track of this one


kind regards




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