Reiss Gunson  |  Blog  | 28 Mar 2017

so the march build starts late, at the end of this week

i have just booked a UK machine out now and there is another machine sitting there ready to go, but for it is waiting for the top panel to go with the enhanced plumbing kit.  i am awaiting an answer on which order this machine belongs to and how long it will be before a top panel without a tank cut out is available to complete the enhanced plumbing kit

i apologise for these on going delays in getting enough machines made to fill orders as they are received

i very much look for forward to the commencement of the march batch this friday

as soon as i learn more i will share it here


Butcher's block conditioner for wenge handles: Zlice by

Reiss Gunson  |  Blog  | 27 Mar 2017

i was getting low on butcher's block conditioner and so i started searching online for what was available in New Zealand

i found this.  i was concerend that the coconut oil would be too aromatic but i neednt have worried; it is perfect

it was good to be able to purchase just 120g as that will still last years and years as you only use a tiny amount

the instructions to break off bits and heat in the microwave are written for the cooler climes of New Zealand's south island i think - up here the warmth of your finger tip is enough to melt the surface slightly, and this tiny amount of liquid on your finger is all you need

i like that it dries faster and gives the wood a high gloss

the point of the post is simply to say that rather than choosing a butcher's block oil, which is just mineral oil and will soak in and disappear fairly quickly, look for a butcher's block conditioner which will have beeswax in the mix and this is what makes the difference in terms of creating a durable finish on the wood

it might be beeswax with mineral oil, or beeswax with coconut oil, or some other kind of oil - i dont think it matters too much as long as it is sold as being intended for use on butcher's blocks


Three new components added to the LONDINIUM lever espresso system

Reiss Gunson  |  Blog  | 26 Mar 2017

We are pleased to add to the LONDINIUM lever espresso system the following components;

The Acaia lunar scales

The Espazzola group cleaning tool

Still under development is the LONDINIUM stirrer, as shown in the above video clip

The LONDINIUM stirrer is a cost effective way to significantly improve your espresso, however good your grinder may be

The harsh reality that i have taken too long to accept is stirring the grinds with the correct tool significantly improves the quality and consistency of your extractions

Soon we will be adding the stirrer to the LONDINIUM system and then it will be complete; you will have a single website where you can buy a complete end to end system the will allow you as a complete beginner to pull exceptional espesso, wherever in the world you may be




Duty calls

Reiss Gunson  |  Blog  | 10 Mar 2017

its midnight here and ive just learnt that there will be 6 machines to despatch today but no one can tell me which 6 they are yet

i would quite like to pursue some extra curricular activities at this time of the week, but if i do people who are eagerly awaiting these machines will receive them 3 days later if i dont bother booking them out until monday

we're hanging tough here in Auckland; look out for your lucky email from DHL shortly

we'll wait around and get these 6 machines out today, however long that takes



LONDINIUM R build & shipping update

Reiss Gunson  |  Blog  | 10 Mar 2017

so as some of you know, i have been pestering our manufacturer this week for updates on when the rest of the february batch of LONDINIUM R will be ready to ship

the response from the Managing Director (below) provides a fairly comprehensive explanation as to why we are suffering delays in getting LONDINIUM R out the door presently;

Sorry Reiss I'm still at work [it was 22:30 in the UK at the time - my insertion] we are off the scale at the moment I haven't even answered any emails today just too busy. I can see your machines being packed so they will be ready tomorrow. If you need an update ask Hayley she will always find out for you. To give you an idea we have done 160 machines in 4 days!!!!! That's far more than our capacity and we have staff off everywhere at the moment. Give her a shout tomorrow with regards to shipping


so whilst the above might not be the news you want to hear, you now possess all the information that i possess

it means that we will have some machines to book out today, but how many i do not yet know

the march build is filling up, which i expect to commence in the 15-20 March slot, so if you want to be in the March build now is the time - the next build after that will be mid April

im sorry about these delays, but they are in no way related to the machine - no design changes have been made or are planned and we have all the components in stock, it is simply our manufacturer is super busy and we need to wait in the queue - after all they now build a custom machine for Subway, which is a truly massive contract and makes the demands of LONDINIUM laughably insignificant in comparison

what i am equaly confident of is Adrian will get on top of this backlog and catch up

we appreciate your patience

kind regards



Manfrotto: things to take better video with your phone

Reiss Gunson  |  Blog  | 08 Mar 2017

Try our new checkout

Reiss Gunson  |  Blog  | 07 Mar 2017

finally our new checkout is here

we hope you will find it more intuitive than our previous attempt

let us know if you find anything odd

we hope you enjoy it



LONDINIUM R in action

Reiss Gunson  |  Blog  | 06 Mar 2017

Single spout Sunday

Reiss Gunson  |  Blog  | 05 Mar 2017

Booking out LONDINIUM R for -

Reiss Gunson  |  Blog  | 02 Mar 2017




some more tomorrow i expect.

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