Equally at home with the purist or busiest cafe.

This is the machine we looked high and low for and couldn't buy. So we made it. A single, double or triple group commercial lever espresso machine for evaluating espresso roasts accurately and easily with unbeatable thermal stability and ease of use.

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This is by far the best coffee I ever tasted... and I made it myself... with the L1

G. Egger - Austria

Hand turned wenge handles

It's not all about functionality, the experience of a LONDINIUM espresso machine is visual... and tactile.

The solid wenge handles provide a slip-free gripping surface while maintaining a satin-smooth feel to the hand.

I'm totally delighted with my choice of machines.

D. Greene, Kentucky

We've planned for all contingencies

The L1-P, LII and LIII lever espresso machines are designed for commercial operation, but the one thing we can't always control is the water supply.

Our low-water sensor works by detecting the presence of water, but if the water supply is too soft it can be hard to sense.

The sight-glass allows professionals to keep working with confidence.

The machine oozes quality and the level and quality of workmanship particularly inside the machine is first class.

Bruce, Sydney

Clarity... it goes beyond taste

It's not just the espresso that will have perfect clarity, you will too.

The indicator lamps are designed so that you instantly know what's happening with your machine.

No more guesswork.