How to get support

If you've already got an account on the LONDINIUM espresso store, then you should have received an invite to login to your support account.

Otherwise you may need to create a support account.

Available Support


The knowledgebase contains a detailed (and rapidly growing) set of self-help articles that provide solutions for the most common problems LONDINIUM espresso machine users face. This should usually be your first port of call.

Instruction manuals for all machines are also located here


Ticket system

If your question isn't covered by the knowledgebase, then you may need to open a ticket.

The ticket system makes sure we don't miss an important question as well as keeping a record of any problems your machine may have experienced.


LONDINIUM espresso community

The community forum gives you access to a strong collection of experienced LONDINIUM users who know their machines inside and out. They're often willing to help out, but they're just as willing to chat about chasing the perfect shot, or sharing photos of their most recent mods

Our old support forum with thousands of historical posts has been put in 'read only' mode, and is available here.


Pre-Sales support

If you're in the market for a lever espresso machine but still have a few questions, our online chat is available whenever we are.

If we're not curently online, you can leave us a message, go to the forum and post a question in the pre-sales category.

For pre-sales live-chat, click the button at the bottom right of the page.