Espresso machine support

Welcome to the new support section of the LONDINIUM website. 

We're currently in the process of upgrading our existing support channels, and improving our support processes overall. 

How to get support

LONDINIUM service desk

By mid November, we anticipate having the first stage of our new service desk ready

This will provide LONDINIUM espresso customers to create support tickets and recieve fast, personalised support.

We'll also be building an extensive knowledge-base, which will include tutorial videos, to assist users with the most common questions and requests we receive.


LONDINIUM espresso forum

Our support forum has thousands of discussions covering the last 7 years of operation. 

We've used these discussions to build a 'permanent file' which contains solutions to the most common support queries we face, and is usually the best place to start when looking for a solution to a specific problem.

For registered owners of LONDINIUM espresso machines, you have access to a private sub-forum in which only owners can post questions.


Pre-Sales support

If you're in the market for a lever espresso machine but still have a few questions, our online chat is available whenever we are.

If we're not curently online, you can leave us a message, go to the forum and post a question in the pre-sales category.

For pre-sales live-chat, click the button at the bottom right of the page.