LONDINIUM no grease piston & group seals are coming

by Reiss Gunson on Friday, 08 July 2022 21:50

Whilst waiting for the Vectis group to be forged i have busied myself developing piston seals for the modern lever group that do not need any grease whatsoever

It has taken a few iterations, but i have now ironed out the material and the design and i am waiting for the first run of 30 sets

If they are well received we will then get dies made and make them in volume

I expect the set of 30 to arrive in a couple of weeks from now; they are being manufactured here in Auckland where i reside so it is a simple matter of driving across town when they are ready and we will have them the same day

These seals will last much longer than 12 months, you will not get any grease trapped in the shower screen causing channelling, you will never need to regrease the seals, and coffee residue will not adhere in the grease in the mesh of the shower screen in the way that it currently does

So the benefits are vastly longer seal life, avoid the need to use expensive silicone grease, vastly increase service life for the shower screen (especially the fine 35 micron screen) and fewer hours servicing the machine and more time drinking coffee

These seals will only be available as an post purchase upgrade to the machines

These seals will transform your user experience whatever brand of lever machine you have if it uses the modern lever group; KVDW, Bosco, Quickmill, Profitec, etc, etc - this is the small insignificant upgrade that will transform your lever life

To fit the piston seals soak them in water and a drop of dishwashing detergent and also wet the piston in the same solution before you fit each piston seal; this will ensure the seals do not grab and tear as you work them onto the piston

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