Copper, the perfect boiler material

by Reiss Gunson on Friday, 05 August 2022 12:59

Sometimes i read of people expressing a view that stainless is a vastly preferrable material for an espresso machine boiler, or even more oddly a group

Copper is hihgly malleable, ductile, and most importantly has unmatcheed electrical and thermal conductivity (unlike stainless which performs very poorly in this regard)

Additonally it does not suffer from metal fatigue from the repeated heating and cooling cycle that a boiler is subject to

Critically copper will not rust as stainless will if you end up with less than 12% chromium anywhere in the stainless as a result of fabrication, for example stamping the stainless where you create the mounting face for the heating element on the boiler (warranty claims arising from just this is i understand how the original Faema firm went out of business)

Stainless is thought by some to be more hygenic than copper, but that is not the case either

I saw this article on copper and thought you might find it interesting, so here it is;

Copper is wonderful, but it has become expensive and for that reason we will not be using it on the boiler of the forthcoming Vectis model

& for the record copper does not have any lead in it, it is not an alloy, it is a pure metal that you can find on the periodic table at number 29

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