About LONDINIUM espresso

In 2012 LONDINIUM espresso saw an opportunity to move beyond roasting coffee and to create high quality lever espresso machines

At the time lever espresso machines were in terminal decline as they tried to compete with pump driven machines by simply stripping costs from the build

As a result of our venture lever espresso machines are now assured a bright future, in the same way that vinyl and turntables are in the hi-fi world; even La Marzocco has felt moved to create a new lever espresso machine after decades of deriding them as relics of the past

LONDINIUM Espresso was built from day one as a global on line business to provide our customers with the opportunity to self service their lever espresso machines in remote locations with parts that arrive in a couple of days, rather than a couple of months, to any location that DHL Express deliver to

Our quest for the ultimate espresso led us to design and build in England our own range of lever espresso machines to do one thing: to make it easy for you to pull perfect speciality espresso consistently

By not mounting the lever group directly on the boiler and offering variable pre-infusion pressure this allows you to instantly change the brew temperature of the next shot without changing the temperature or pressure of the boiler; this means there is no need to wait for your change to take effect in the system

Since 2004 we have spent countless hours developing the LONDINIUM espresso system: an end to end process than ensures almost anyone can consistently produce exceptional espresso

We have sold over 2000 lever espresso machines to 64 countries, with free machine delivery worldwide with DHL Worldwide Express

DHL we have never lost a LONDINIUM parcel and none of our current range of machines have arrived damaged, anywhere, ever

We have shipped to the bottom of the world in New Zealand and places as diverse as Nigeria, Uruguay, Venezuela, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Guernsey, South Africa, Tahiti, Hawaii, Macau, Oman, Pakistan, and the Royal Kingdom of Brunei.

We will safely deliver your LONDINIUM lever espresso machine to you too and provide best in class, personalised, after sales service and support with Facetime and WhatsApp high definition video services free of charge

All products are sold with a twelve month worldwide parts warranty

We are happy to warrant that our machines are thermally stable when endless consecutive shots are pulled in a busy commercial environment, and equally that they idle at the correct temperature when business is less brisk, or in a domestic environment where only a few shots are pulled each day

Reiss Gunson