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LONDINIUM espresso is a dedicated single estate espresso roaster committed to introducing everyone we can to the ultimate taste that only a lever espresso machine can bring to your cup

LONDINIUM espresso has been providing single estate roasts to espresso lovers all over the globe since 2004

Our quest for the ultimate espresso led us to design and build in England our own range of lever espresso machines to do one thing: make perfect espresso, again & again


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A customer from Finland writes

Hello Reiss,

Machine arrived today and I absolutely love it! Got the smaller box with top part of group already last friday but for some reason machine got stuck in Leipzig for weekend, some kind of security check according to DHL.

No problems getting started and from the first pull delivering great and tasty shots. Awesome machine! Compared to my Alex Duetto flavors are more bright and clear with little less body and "oiliness" if thats even a word.

Operating the lever is an absolute joy! I'm really glad I didn't buy GS3 like I was planning to do. In fact I already had MP version with strada group in shopping cart, but decided to have a test drive with L1 first, best decision ever! I love the simplicity and looks of your creation, ease of use and maintenance when needed. Looks like the spring is doing all the pressure profiling I'll ever need?

Couple of things though, pump doesnt appear to be the improved one pictured in webshop, mine is pink. Or is it just a color issue? If pink one isn't the improved version, will I gain anything if I replace it?

Drip tray is having kind of a seesaw effect due to welding seam on right front corner, no biggie, I'll sand it flat some day. (left corner seam is sanded down, right one for some reason not)

There are some minor scratches on the front side of left side panel, no need to send new one right away, but ill probably order double spouted portafilter and some piston seals in near future so if I mention it in free text field is it possible to get a replacement one? I'm little bit ashamed complaining about such small scrathes but knowing they exist that's what catches the eye... I'll probably try to polish the scratches with autosol first, if that works even better.

And one final thing, I registered to Londinium forum but am unable to log in, can You help me, account is made with this email address.

Thank You for kind and fast service, past to weeks have been really long but for sure worth the wait.

Best regards,
Really happy customer Kalle Arvola


& my reply:

hi kalle

thanks for writing

1. i can send you an ULKA pump, no problem

2. drip tray i can show you how to adjust, just call me on FaceTime (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) when it suits you - no sanding required

3. yes, if the scratches are that fine Autosol is good, although you will probably need to use a buffing wheel as stainless is tough to polish

4. it is odd that your account hasnt automatically added owner privileges when you purchased, but i will fix it now for you

kind regards



& Kalle's reply:



Got the drip tray sorted already, was actually just a matter of adjusting height of the legs so all is well now.

And just recieved your email about the pump, what can I say, aweosome customer service! Thank You so much!

I'll try to polish the scratches when I have some time to do it, I'll let you know if successful or not.

Made several shots this morning, had L1 and Alex Duetto running side by side and now there is only one thing left to do. Clean and pack the Duetto, it has to find a new home. Really impressed with L1 performance and ease of use!

Best regards,
Kalle Arvola

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