Machines to the USA will now be sent to you with FEDEX

by Reiss Gunson on Wednesday, 02 June 2021 10:05

You can never make all of the people happy all of the time, but hopefully we can make some of the people happy some of the time with this announcement


Prepay EU tax and duty option now available on machine orders

by Reiss Gunson on Tuesday, 25 May 2021 18:05

We have finally got around to adding the ability to prepay duty and tax for any machine order that is shipping to a country that is a member of the European Union (EU)

Apologies for taking so long to get around to it; we have a few long over due jobs like this hanging around

The next big one is a redesign of the website so it runs properly on mobile devices

Keep checking in, we have plenty of news to come in 2021


All of our current product range is now in its final form

by Reiss Gunson on Thursday, 22 April 2021 14:01

With the R24 now shipping with a thermistor to regulate the boiler all of our product range is now in its final form with no changes planned

The thermistor makes no difference to the taste of the espresso in the cup; with the 30A Sirai the range in group temperature in response to the cycle of the pressure switch when the machine is at idle is just 0.1C

Instead it eliminates the mechanical click of the pressure switch, which some users find annoying, and it frees up a lot of space inside the casing so the machine is much easier to work on, and it removes 700g of weight

With the customer portal now allowing us to manage a much greater number of customer contacts each day we only have two significant projects remaining for 2021

The first is a long overdue upgrade to how the website is presented on mobile devices, which i know has frustrated a large number of users for a long time

While this remains an urgent priority, we are waiting for the person who is responsible for this to have time to address it

The other project is the release of the compact lever machine, which remains on target to deliver a final sample for pre-production testing and sign off in june

We use and recommend Nuova Fima S.p.A pressure gauges

by Reiss Gunson on Tuesday, 23 March 2021 15:12

On the cold water line on our plumbed in machines we use and recommend Nuovafima gauges of Italy

The small plastic ones are too small to accurately set or read the preinfusion pressure in our view

This 63mm diameter gauge in 0-6 bar range gives you 0.1 bar increments, which is about perfect

In New Zealand we buy them from these guys,

Given there are so few bits to break in our plumbed in machines, spend a little bit more on the installation and enjoy the reward of a nice set up for years to come

Video calls

by Reiss Gunson on Saturday, 06 March 2021 18:51

we are pleased to announce that we no longer use Facetime and WhatsApp for our video calls

instead we have a video call app integrated into our new customer relationship managament (CRM) system, which allows us to book a meeting in advance at a time that suits you, complete with reminders

it also allows us to run one to many conferences where more than one person is interested in the subject

we are now working on bedding in the new CRM system as there is a lot to learn and configure

we hope that some of you are enjoying the benefits of the new system already

if there are specific tutorials you would like me to prepare please let me know and i will put it together for you

kind regards



Android users of LONDINIUM app

by Reiss Gunson on Monday, 01 March 2021 13:06

a number of android users have made me aware of connection issues with v1.0.4 of the londinium app

blynk have just replied to me to advise the following;

Is v1.0.4 the ‘new’ version?
Yes, that was the new version. 
We added a small change and published a new version: 1.0.5
The issue with adding/connecting devices should be fixed in it.


so please delete v1.0.4 if you are using the android version of the app and download v1.0.5 and let me know if issues remain

no iOS user has reported any issue with v1.2 from the app store

kind regards



LONDINIUM app v1.2 is now available in the App store

by Reiss Gunson on Sunday, 28 February 2021 14:16

Please download it and let me know if you have any issues

I am unsure if the updated Android version is available yet

KInd regards


LONDINIUM app outage issue: explanation

by Reiss Gunson on Saturday, 27 February 2021 18:52

Blynk have helpfully provided a detailed explanation of why the expiry of an SSL certificate was responsible for the outage, and why only a subset of users were affected:


The certificate was updated automatically 2 days ago. Old Blynk firmware had a bug where the intermediate certificate footprint was hardcoded. The new certificate has the intermediate certificate changed. That caused connection issues for the hardware. 
Why not all users where affected?
Some of the devices established the connection before the certificate was updated, so they were able to connect. The connection is keep-alive and everything was ok. Also, during the certificate update the server is not restarted, so connections with prev certificate were working fine. Only new connections weren't working. That's why we weren't able to detect this issue by our monitoring system.
The fix is the next - right now we serve 2 certificates. One is for hardware, another is for web and apps.
That should solve the issue. Sorry for inconveniences.


Blynk have definitely exceeded my expectations in their response to this issue.  I am very impressed as we pushed the boat out developing the R24 with this industry leading technology and they have proven themselves to be a very good business partner.

KInd regards



Additional LONDINIUM app update from a customer

by Reiss Gunson on Saturday, 27 February 2021 11:10

A londinium customer, Phamson, has written to me and helpfully advised the following:


Hi. Upgrade to ios 14.4 and it work.


this may explain why only a small subset of users are affected

kind regards



LONDINIUM app update

by Reiss Gunson on Saturday, 27 February 2021 10:57

this email just landed (21:40 UTC 26FEB2021):



please refer to the attached screenshot that shows i configured the parameters you specified in the manner you requested
Everything is configured correctly. Thank You!
does this now have to be reviewed by Apple before they will let it into the App store?
if so im assuming several days?
Yes. The new version of your application should be reviewed. It will take a couple of days.

while i think of it, what is the situation for the Android platform?
The new version is already under review. Should be updated tomorrow. 
Please let me know if you have any comments or questions.



I have also asked for an explanation of the cause as the vast majority of users have been unaffected.  If this is provided i will let you know

Please note that you can continue to make espresso with your machine, you simply dont try to connect to the app (log out of the app and close the app).  You will lose the smart timer function and the ability to remotely change the preinfusion pressure, but you can change the preinfusion pressure direcly on the console of the machine if you remove the right side panel

Kind regards