Merry Xmas

by Reiss Gunson on Wednesday, 23 December 2020 23:24

Merry Xmas!

ive just booked the last order out for 2020

DHL might charge a premium but when you hit a year like 2020 it pays off in spades; mail services have been an absolute joke this year

we have released our specialist IMS tamper with a diameter of 58.80mm and having tested it for more than a year i can tell you it is an absolute peach, even if you are upgrading from one of our earlier generation tampers you will notice that it offers a significant performance leap.  it is not suitable for VST baskets, or indeed the stock basket that is supplied with our portafilters by the group manufacturer

today i have fitted a thermistor to replace a Sirai pressue switch on my R24, but there is an extensive testing period to follow before you will see this released into the wild as an upgrade kit

i have to write a review for my second Kafatek Max grinder, this one with the experimental Shuriken 'sweet' burrs which are a massive upgrade on the 98mm SSP burrs that my first Max came fitted with

beyond the burrs the thread for adjusting the burrs seems to have much more travel in it to effect a given change to the grind size (a finer pitch perhaps?), and it moves much more smoothly with no grabbing

the guard to prevent beans being thrown out of the grinding chamber is a welcome addition and the retention seems to be much lower with the puffer dislodging hardly anything at all

furthermore, the static is vastly reduced

but the crowning glory is the vastly improved sweetness, from non existent before to EK43 challenging now

coupled with the built in power supply it is a strong contender for the title of best domestic grinder at any price i think

in 2021 we will be setting it against the Nautilus from Titus Grinding to assess the relative merits of each grinder

we ran out of time to fully integrate our CRM into our website, so while it has been almost fully configured the full functionality is not accessible from the front end of the website just yet, but it will be the first task for 2021

in Jan 2021 we also hope to showcase the Vectis, our entry level machine with an all new lever group that has been designed in England, and will also be forged in England

please note however that it will take around 16 weeks to get the machine tooling made, so dont expect it to be available for purchase until April/May

2020 has been our best year so far, but it has been a hard slog and greatly dimihished by Covid and other geo political uncertainties

whilst we dont see the uncertainties significantly diminishing in 2021, the investment we have made in 2020 should see us better placed to take them on

thank you for your custom, either this year or in an earlier year, have a well deserved xmas break, and we look forward to better meeting your espresso needs in 2021


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