Where has the Support section gone?

by Reiss Gunson on Thursday, 22 October 2020 22:40

Finally we are migrating the forum to a new forum

This is something i have been looking forward to doing for a long time

We have been wrestling with trying to migrate the data from the old forum to the new and this has proved something of a challenge, but we believe we have a solution now and the migration is in progress

One of the key benefits of the new forum is making it easier for you to post images and video; i never found the old forum particularly intuitive in that regard

Once we have the forum cut over that then puts us in a postion to sort out our login mess which we have also been wrestling with for some time

We now have the solution in place, but we are unable to deploy it until we cut over to the new forum

Once we have the new forum in place it wont be too long until phase one of our customer relationship management (CRM) software is ready to plug in; this represents a massive change in how we deliver support to you and represents the start of me have to build a lot of detailed content so you have a how to PDF or video for almost anythign that can go worng with your machine

The CRM software needs to be in place before we can successfully bring the LC machine to market as our current systems would deliver a poor customer expereince if we tried to continue with them at scale

I apologise for how long it has taken us to deliver this latest round of upgrades to the website

Once we have these structural changes in place we will then embark on improving the appearance and navigation of the site

This process of upgrading the site will run almost the entire lenght of 2021 i expect as we have a huge amount of work to get the site to where i want it to eventually be

the forum is unlikely to be available until the middle of next week i expect

in the meantime we are still available via the other channels, of which there are too many, hence the need for the CRM to pull them all together onto a single dashboard


kind regards


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