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by Reiss Gunson on Sunday, 16 August 2020 23:17

Getting the R24 into production was the completion of a massive piece of work that ran far longer than i envisaged, so there was a huge sense of achievement to finally get it out into the wild

I do not see any design changes with the R24, but rather our inhouse electronics board will continue to be enhanced over time until we get to the point where we can deliver software updates to the board through the cloud, and from there we willl look to provide full remote diagnosis of any issue with the R24 via the cloud; with our own in house board we are now in a postion to make this a reality, although it will take us some time to get to that point

The most pressing development now on the product side of things is obviously the LC (Compact), although it might get a new name as it is confusingly similar to the L1 Compressa

Where we have a lot of work to do is on the website

We are finally now working on the unification of the user login, so the login for the store and for the forum will be seamless, in the manner that it once was, which we lost as a result of redeveloping the website

As soon as that is achieved we have a new forum ready to roll out which is much simpler to post images and video clips

Once we have that in place i then want to completely re-cut the way we deliver our customer support

Currently it is delivered through the forum to an extent but we can vastly improve our service delivery in this area

My plan is to add some asset management software and to deliver the support by chassis number, so that if a machine changes hands we have a complete service history of the machine, as you do with say a motor vehicle; i think this would be valued by customers and it would certainly make my job a lot easier in being able to quickly see what work had been performed to a machine over its life, including any repairs, upgrades, changes of ownership, etc.  This area would be private and all support requests would be placed into this system; nothing would come in via email as this is just hopeless to manage over time

The relevant support fixes posted into the asset maangement area i would then cut and paste into the permanent file on a by machine model basis to create an area that is fully indexed and easy for owners to navigate, unlike the forum which is just a complete soup that you have to ladle to find the answer for your particular problem; we can vastly improve our service delivery in this respect

We will probably continue to run a forum, but it will no longer be the vehicle for the delivery of customer support, but more of a traditional forum for customers with a common interest in lever espresso to talk things over

The above changes are quite substantial and will therefore take us a while to deliver as we are a small organisation, but it is important to communicate that we are not satisfied with how we currently deliver our customer support and we have plans to comprehensively improve it

Enoy the holiday month of August if you are in the northern hemisphere!



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