Happy days: the app for the control of the pressure transducer works perfectly

by Reiss Gunson on Friday, 02 August 2019 14:12

this means we remain on target to launch the wireless module and app this month

the wireless module is a simple plug in to the serial port on your pressure transducer

in line with our previous commitment we will supply the wireless module and app free, the only provisio i will add is that it is provided free with any parts order of any value.  in other words, you pay for the shipping and we will send you the module and access to the app free

i appreciate the support of all the customers that have purchased an LR prior to the wireless connectivity being available, and i never envisaged delays of the extent that we have had in realising this functionality

i will update you again as soon as we get to the next step

*in case you are wondering it also works perfectly with the panels in place too


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