Halcyon days

by Reiss Gunson on Monday, 18 June 2018 22:07

i realised today that i haven't posted anything here for a while and that's because i havent got much to say

its summer in the northern hemisphere and england is coasting towards the big summer tournaments like queens and wimbledon, lords, and the music festivals, goodwood, etc, etc - an enormous array of activities for every conceivable interest

you will notice that we have disposed of our coffee roasting operations, no longer sell grinders of any stripe, and no longer stock a number of third party products

a primary task in 2018 is to focus the business on our core activities with a view to improving our efficiency

if you are pondering the purchase of our Ancap porcelain cups now is the time to strike as we will not be ordering more once current stocks are gone, likewise for the Espazzola

both a brilliant products but holding third party products have proven to be more trouble than it is worth; this is no reflection on the quality of the goods, nor the people who supply them, it is simply a reality of commercial life

going forward our focus is to have all models of our machines in stock ready to despatch with DHL Express all the time, and similarly for all spares parts that these machines need

this also frees up a lot of my time to focus on customer support which is not currently a significant issue, but i anticipate that is will be with the release of the LONDINIUM C (LC), a less expensive machine than the LONDINIUM R that will result in higher sales volumes and an attendant higher number of customer contact hours, so 2018 is all about getting the business in shape for the impact of the LC as we dont want to be swamped by a higher number of customer contacts that will inevitably result from a less expensive product

anyway, if you are pondering a LONDINIUM machine purchase these halcyon days of summer are the time to pull the trigger rather than the week before thanksgiving when you absolutely have to have it for thanksgiving dinner

i have a few purchasers of secondhand londiniums ask if they are able to sign up for full owner access on our website and the answer is always an unqualified yes

from time to time we see purchasers of second hand machines take their struggles directly to other forums without contactng us and it is difficult to watch them receive either no helpful guidance or guidance that is well intended but incorrect

if you want to get the best out of your londinium machine, whether it is new or second hand, come to our forum first.  there are now a lot of LONDINIUM machines in the wild so you might be surprised just how close you have another LONDINIUM owner

kind regards



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