This week we are going to trial sending a machine to the USA using DHL's DDP service

by Reiss Gunson on Monday, 19 March 2018 10:55

DDP means 'delivered duty paid', in other words you as the customer do not need to pay DHL a penny - the tax and duty charges are billed back to our DHL account and the goods should arrive with you sooner

this week i have asked a customer in the US if he would be willing to be the guinea pig, and he has agreed

so when his machine is ready, weds i expect, i will book it out using DHL's DDP service and then we will sit back and see what happens

my hope is that we can improve the customer experience in that you can sit back and wait for DHL to ring your doorbell and offer you one big box from LONDINIUM

if it works well it is an optional service i would like to add to our offering, as the tax & duty charge for the USA is very modest but our customers are generally time poor and would value the opportunity to avoid sitting on the telephone waiting to speak to someone at DHL

lets see how it goes, we'll report back as soon as we've got something to say about how this experiment went


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