TransferWise - another fast, secure way to pay

by Reiss Gunson on Sunday, 25 February 2018 21:08

Customer Ernst has brought this new payment method to my attention,

It is very clever as it allowed Ernst to send us the equivalent of GBP100 from his EUR bank account in Germany to our GBP account in England almost instantly

Usually bank transfers take a couple of days and the transaction costs are significant

Watch the video on the home page

How it works is TransferWise hold bank accounts in a good number of countries

In the example above Ernst has simply sent a domestic payment to a EUR TransferWise account in Germany who have internal systems that then instantly pay out the relevant sum from their TransferWise account in England to our GBP account

It is fast, secure, and economical

If you havent already guessed, i am very impressed

Thank you very much for bringing this to our attention Ernst

If you wish to pay for your next LONDINIUM order using TransferWise just select the bank transfer option and then watch the video on their homepage

It is very simple, cost effective, secure, and the funds are received promptly

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