Dump the calories: Drink Espresso

by Reiss Gunson on Tuesday, 12 May 2009 21:58

Over the years coffee has been accused of many things which have later been disproved, but it gets your name in the news as so many people consume coffee every day. Our view is that like most things in life, quality has a huge part to play. Secondly we think most people should be a lot more concerned about their calorie intake than their caffeine intake. We don’t advocate for a moment that anything should be consumed in excessive amounts, but we are particularly concerned about the where ‘coffee’ drinking has got to. Many people tell us that they like great coffee, but when we offer to make them one it so often turns into a request for a latte, to which numerous extras are addded (whipped cream, flavoured syrups, and the like). Each to their own, but we believe that since the advent of instant coffee in the second world war the focus has been on producing cheaper, and by implication lower quality, coffee for half a century. As a result people have turned to adding more and more milk fat to make their coffee fit to drink. While we understand the reasoning, we are offering an alternative; a low calorie drink that is naturally sweet (no additives of any description), and is truly a symphony of the most exotic flavours on the planet. Come over to the dark side. Try Londinium Espresso.

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