Daterra Monte Cristo

by Reiss Gunson on Friday, 25 December 2009 11:36

We’ve been working on roasting the newly received Daterra Monte Cristo. Call us heretics, but we are pleased to tell you that it is still shipped in a conventional, environmentally friendly, jute bag. This is significant as a great number of the Daterra coffees now ship in vacuum packed foil bags, and the trend is being popularised by many of the participants in the Cup of Excellence program as being indicative of a carefully controlled, high quality, coffee. Whilst this gives a good result for filter coffee, cappuccinos and lattes, the foil packaging drastically slows the aging of the green bean and as a result the acidity really is far too dominant and overbearing to be our first choice for espresso. We have a revised test roast to sample tomorrow, Christmas morning, and expect to be get pretty close to a result that would allow us to release the coffee for sale.

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