Laser finish

All panels are made of high-quality stainless steel, polished to a mirror finish. Every panel is laser cut for pin-point accuracy.

It only looks sharp - no sliced fingers.

As an engineer I wanted to report how pleased I am with the tactile and audio feedback from the L1 machine. Very satisfying.

Brian, New York

No leaks

We couldn't find a boiler that we were happy with, so we made our own. 

All boilers are made in-house, formed from scratch with pure copper. All boilers are made from lead-free brass and are machined with a high degree of precision.

That means no leaks, no puddles, no nasty taste - just coffee.

I find myself saying "wow" most mornings... Thanks again; I love the L1.

C. Carpenter, Canberra, Australia

The right steel in all the right places

All stainless steel panels are lightly galvanised to prevent corosion, with a powder coat to protect against scratches. They're polished to a mirror finish and are easy to wipe clean and extremely hygenic.

For super-easy access, all panels pop off - no tools required!

The chassis is made from a product called Zintec, which is mild steel with a coating of zinc galvanising on it. Once the chassis is formed the Zintec is then powder coated for a finish that is more durable than paint. The steel is 3mm thick, doubled in areas of high load to provide 6mm of thickness in total.