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LONDINIUM espresso is a dedicated single estate espresso roaster committed to introducing everyone we can to the ultimate taste that only a lever espresso machine can bring to your cup

LONDINIUM espresso has been providing single estate roasts to espresso lovers all over the globe since 2004

Our quest for the ultimate espresso led us to design and build in England our own range of lever espresso machines to do one thing: make perfect espresso, again & again


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Our model range going forward

19:00 PM

I am receiving enquiries asking if the L1 is continuing as a result of the L1-P arriving

The answer is an emphatic yes - the two machines solve quite different problems

The L1-P brings the unrestricted performance of our L2 and L3 machines in a single group format, which some of our customers had requested

The L1-P is not asked to make any concessions on price or size, and needs to be plumbed in and out, so unsurprisingly it is able to deliver the ultimate lever experience in terms of taste and simplicity of use

The L1 has a much harder task as there is no mains water pressure to harness for pre-infusion or fill the boiler so a pump is needed, it needs to be as small as possible without poor engineering (i.e. adding ballast to a shortened chassis to stop it tipping), affordable, and easy for owners in remote areas to maintain

The L1 is our block buster product, and you dont need me to tell you that you dont kill the golden goose, so rest assured that the L1 has a long future ahead of it.  In comparison to the L1 the L1-P is always going to sell in relatively small numbers because of price and also the need to plumb the L1-P in and out, which 19 out of 20 domestic customers are either unwilling or unable to do

In terms of the two additional single group lever espresso machines that we have in development, i didnt plan to disclose that at this early stage, but having considered it i think it would probably be helpful if i do

The first of these will be a small manual lever machine, priced as an entry level machine, a long way below the L1.  The second of these machines will be a high performance version of the L1 offering a tank machine with something closer to the performance of the L1-P

To synthesise the taste of the L1-P with a tank machine more complexity will be required and as a result it will be priced around GBP2000 plus shipping and tax; i.e. between the L1 and the L1-P.  Bear in mind that both of these machines are still likely to be a year away from release as development is at a very early stage

I hope this provides some clarity as to our lever espresso machine range going forward

Reiss Gunson  |  Blog


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