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LONDINIUM espresso is a dedicated espresso roaster committed to introducing everyone we can to the ultimate taste that only a lever espresso machines can bring to your cup

LONDINIUM espresso has been providing single origin roasts to espresso lovers all over the globe since 2004

Our quest for the ultimate espresso led us to design and have built in England our own range of lever espresso machines, LONDINIUM I, II, & III, all designed to do one thing: make perfect espresso, again & again


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We need a blog post on warranty

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Something we have failed to communicate adequately is the warranty as there seems to be an assumption that the machine does not come with a warranty

That is not the case, and has never been the case

All our machines are sold with a 12 month worldwide parts warranty against defect

That does mean that you need to fit the parts yourself, or take it to your local espresso technician, or as a fall back situation your local qualified electrician would be an excellent choice

This is our what i would call our minimum obligation.  At our discretion we will go further where we consider the situation merits it

All LONDINIUM lever espresso machines and parts, whether under sale or warranty are shipped with DHL couriers from Birmingham, England to anywhere in the world - we do not ship warranty parts with Royal Mail in order to cut costs - you will receive your parts with the same DHL service that delivered your LONDINIUM lever espresso machine

Parts are small and of low value an are never subject to any customs delay, so we can and have got parts from Birmingham, England to Perth, Western Australia in less than 72 hours and i challenge you to find any other espresso machine manufacturer on the planet that comes even close to that - local dealers typically hold service items only.  At the moment the majority of espresso machine manufacturers are about to completely close (lights out) for a period of 3 - 4 weeks for summer holidays.  Our manufacturer remains open throughout this period, and not just the sales staff, but full production capacity is being maintained too

For the avoidance of doubt our warranty does not cover damage arising from limescale, or misuse or abuse, for example plugging the machine into the incorrect voltage

These arent empty words, if you go to the support section of this website, register on the website, and post a pre-sales question enquiring of existing owners of their experience in the event of a warranty claim i think you will find that what we are claiming above aligns with owner's experiences

For the record we still have not had one machine damaged in transit since we moved to the series two chassis, and that was 12 months ago

Reiss Gunson  |  Blog


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