About LONDINIUM espresso

LONDINIUM espresso is a dedicated espresso roaster committed to introducing everyone we can to the ultimate taste that only a lever espresso machines can bring to your cup

LONDINIUM espresso has been providing single origin roasts to espresso lovers all over the globe since 2004

Our quest for the ultimate espresso led us to design and have built in England our own range of lever espresso machines, LONDINIUM I, II, & III, all designed to do one thing: make perfect espresso, again & again


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Finally, I have entered the enhanced plumbing kit on the website

0:00 AM

Enhanced plumbing kit for LONDINIUM I lever espresso machine

this has allowed me to rationalise the number of products sprayed around the website and put them in a single location as a collection

i trust this makes it a bit easier to navigate





Reiss Gunson  |  Blog


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