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LONDINIUM espresso is a dedicated single estate espresso roaster committed to introducing everyone we can to the ultimate taste that only a lever espresso machine can bring to your cup

LONDINIUM espresso has been providing single estate roasts to espresso lovers all over the globe since 2004

Our quest for the ultimate espresso led us to design and build in England our own range of lever espresso machines to do one thing: make perfect espresso, again & again


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FaceTime or Skype! please avail yourself of the technology - it really is like having a house call

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i'm finally getting more customers and prospective customers book in or just call me on Facetime & Skype

it is so effective!

customers love it because they get a complete understanding, just as if i had visited them in person

i love it because it is a vastly superior means of communication to email, which in my view leads to more misunderstandings than any other form of communication

why is email a shocker?  well in the past when people wrote business letters they tended to be more formal, concise, and precise, typically to record or document a transaction in some way, be it a contract for sale or a property title, or a proposal.  for these kinds of activities email also works well, although people tend to write in a more casual, imprecise way with email that can lead to ambiguities, me included at times

where email falls down is people try to use it to describe problems/scenarios/anomalies in a way that i dont remember we tried to do with formal business letters.  its like someone writing to a mechanic to ask them what is wrong with their car as it makes a funny noise on the sharp left hand bend at the far end of their village.  its possible to solve the problem eventually, but it is likely to be ponderous and frustrating for both parties

enter Facetime & Skype!  they're just so under utilised and mis-marketed in my view.  if you go to the Apple website you will only see happy faces of smiling families talking to their mother or father who has a big corporate job and is late at the office or on another business trip somewhere.  or a couple maintaining their long distance relationship

these are the obvious uses, but it is capable of SO MUCH MORE as a customer support tool!  Facetime in particular gives you incredible image resolution, far better than i have ever experienced on Skype, so if you have Facetime available please choose that over Skype

in simple terms i am more than happy to provide 1-2 hours of my time completely free of charge or obligation on Facetime or Skype to anyone who has purchased a machine from us - just ring!

i would far rather people do that than struggle with the machine and get frustrated before they eventually ask for help

whenever i go on holiday, say christmas for example, i will have my trusty 11" macbook air and iphone with me and i will be available, but please refrain from making contact on the public holidays like christmas, boxing day, new years day unless it is an emergency - i.e. i am there to help out in the unlikely event of some kind of crisis, but i wont be interested in discussing the merits of tamping style, roast profiles, or a particularly remarkable wild coffee you have found in the jungles of africa on a public holiday





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