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The LONDINIUM tamper redefines what you understand a tamper to be. Just 37mm high. The handle is made from solid wenge hardwood. The base from solid brass. This evolution of accepted tamper design removes all the unnecessary adornments, making it easier to tamp level and with greatly heightened levels of feeling over the amount of pressure you exert on the coffee.

Man has been making tool handles out of hardwood for a long time, and we still think it is the correct choice. Whether its high summer or the depths of winter hardwood is never too hot or too cold and has unbeatable tactility. Pick up a metal handled tamper that has been sitting in the summer sun for a while and you'll know what we mean. Metal handles are equally unpleasant in the depths of winter.

The solid brass base is flat, because we think plain old marketing-free flat works best. Sweep the pile of coffee in your portafilter basket out into the very edges of the basket using the tight piece of skin that lies between your thumb and forefinger (when you stretch your thumb out wide) as a blade. Having done this the coffee will be right into the edges of the basket around the entire perimeter and roughly level; you are now ready to tamp.

The only important thing is to tamp level otherwise the water will run to the low side and channelling is guaranteed. Tamping flat is most easily achieved with the flat base and our rifle barrel snug fit of 58.50mm. Place the tamper on top of the coffee, light downward pressure is all that is required, and use a simple left to right twist of the wrist, and up, and you're ready to go.

So the LONDINIUM button tamper is a new design as far as i can tell from google image searches. Personally I find it easier to use and I will never be going back to a conventional tamper. I have high hopes that your experience with the LONDINIUM button tamper will be the same.

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