Loxeal No.4 silicone grease (100g)

Loxeal No.4 silicone grease (100g)

Loxeal No.4 silicone grease (100g)

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Loxeal No.4 silicone grease with PTFE is a step up in quality on what we have previously offered - you will immediately notice that it is considerably more viscous than our previous offerings

We did our best to try and source this product in a smaller size tube to keep the price down, but this 100g tube is the smallest size we are able to find

Lever espresso machines demand superior lubrication to pump machines if you want to maximise the life of the critical seals, such as those on the piston, and water & steam valves and this is why we have expended a considerable amount of time and effort since the launch of the LONDINIUM lever espresso machine range to find the ultimate lubricant for the specific needs of a lever espresso machine; i now consider our search to be at an end

For potable water applications with NSF H1 certification

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