Medium softening cartridge for LONDINIUM R

Medium softening cartridge for LONDINIUM R

Medium softening cartridge for LONDINIUM R

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If limescale deposits accumulate in your electric kettle/jug or on your shower rose you have hard water that must not be used untreated in the LONDINIUM R

One possible solution is this BWT cartridge softening filter that we include with every LONDINIUM R

If you are fortunate to live in an area where your tap water is not hard you do not need to use these water softening cartridges in your LONDINIUM R

It is worth noting that even though you may not have hard tap water you may still have other impurities that will negatively impact on the taste of your espresso, most commonly chlorine. In this situation you may choose to use these cartridges as they also contain a carbon filter which will remove the chlorine, of you could filter your tap water through a Brita filter jug, or other similar carbon water filter

Altenatively you may have a standalone water softening system within your house that you can use - just make sure the filters in that system are changed when they need to be, or you will be putting hard water into your LONDINIUM R and it will suffer from limescale contamination

If you choose to use a reverse osmosis system which strips absolutely everything from the water, you will need to remineralise the water or the boiler fill sensor will become unreliable and the water will become acidic at boiler tempertures and over many years it will slowly dissolve your copper boiler

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