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Discover the power and reliability a commercial lever espresso machine can bring to your cafe

Stainless steel panels all round provide a durable, high quality, hygenic finish that is easy to care for

A 20 litre copper boiler with a 7500W element as standard for rapid recovery in the busiest retail coffee operations in the land - no waiting around for the boiler to recover pressure after you have drawn off a pot of hot water

Discover the superior taste that a lever espresso machine gives you over the ubiquitious electric pump espresso machine.  Combine that with far greater reliability and vastly reduced costs of ownership and the LONDINIUM III is the machine that gives you the up-time you need to ensure the profitable operation of your retail food venture.  Eliminate the need for expensive factory technicians who may be days or even weeks away.  With LONDINIUM III we can support you faster than any other espresso machine manufacturer in the world because we hold all service items in stock and we are paired with DHL Express which allows us to get anything anywhere in the world within 3 working days or less.  LONDINIUM espresso is a truly global workshop business

Power options
4000W 7500W 240v / 1PH
Depth 500
Width 1000
Height To top of casing: 460 To top of lever: 840
Weight 100KG

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