Service kit

Service kit

Service kit

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This is the full service kit for the LONDINIUM I. It comprises;

1 x shower screen

3 x piston washers

1 x o-ring for bottom of group sleeve (slightly smaller)

1 x o-ring for top of group sleeve (slightly larger)

1 x portafilter to group seal

2 x o-ring for steam tube bush

4 x o-ring for valve plunger

1 x element gasket

2 x flick valve to adaptor o-ring


Keep the porta filter attached to the group when the machine is on, but be sure to remove the portafilter from the group when the machine is off. This gives the portafilter seal a chance to return to its original, uncompressed state, ensuring it lasts longer

As an aside, you should only need to turn the portafilter 30 to 45 degrees to the right to secure it when the seals are in good condition. Wrenching the portafilter handles further to the right than it needs to go will only serve to shorten the life of the seal

Similarly, be sure to wipe the entire circumference of the portafilter basket of coffee grinds before securing to the group; coffee grinds cut into seals like glass when under compression, drastically reducing seal life

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