35µM shower screen

35µM shower screen

35µM shower screen

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IMS 35 micron shower screen.  If you ask around this screen is not favoured and you will most likely be discouraged from buying it.  this is often because the business you are speaking with does not carry them in stock

This comment may be true for pump driven espresso machines (i simply dont know), but having spent a considerable amount of time testing this screen side by side with the IMS 200 micron screen i believe this screen is better at acting as a breakwater to arrest the surge of water into the brew chamber as the rising piston seals clear the inlet ports

If the screen fails to break the water surge into the brew chamber the incoming water will wash out the top of the puck, increasing the chances of channelling occurring.  This is much more of an issue with lever machines as the flow rate into the brew chamber is exponentially higher than for an electric pump machine; the brew chamber is filled with water almost instantaneously with a lever machine, whereas a pump machine chugs away for several seconds to get the job done

It doesnt look as 'cool' as the 200 because it is made of traditional stainless steel mesh, rather than laser cut as you find on the 200

I regard it as a specialist screen for lever espresso machines, and is my first choice

Be sure to pull the lever down progressively though to get the best out of this screen.  That doesnt mean at a glacial pace, but dont tear the lever down like an actuating mouse trap either.  Smooth progression, and slow a little at the point where the piston seals clear the inlet ports

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