Colombia, Hernando Gomez #3 (250g)

Colombia, Hernando Gomez #3 (250g)

Colombia, Hernando Gomez #3 (250g)

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Lot #: CO-2016-20

Hernando Gomez' coffee is very characteristic and recognisable, and he is producing at a consistently high quality. This lot is no exception.

Variety: Caturra
Processing: Fully washed
Crop year: 2016

Cupping score: 87

Stone Fruit Black Tea Peach Delicate
Smooth and silky mouthfeel. Very delicate and juicy!

Origin: Hernando Gomez

Bella Vista

Hernando Gomez’ farm is a two hour bumpy drive from Planadas town, across three mountain passes, climbing 2000 meters. The farm name, Bella Vista (Beautiful View), is a very fitting name indeed.

Hernando Gomez is very careful when picking the cherries, making sure they have matured for 5 weeks so that they have developed a lot of sugars. He is processing the coffee with a traditional pulper, before washing and grading in the washing channel. Fermentation for 12-14 hours is relatively short for this high altitude and low temperatures. Drying is done in parabolic with shade net.

After the coffee is dried, it is delivered to Cafisur coop’s bodega in Planadas, where the first QC takes place. Cafisur is a cooperative that has 5 main areas for purchasing, all in very remote places in the southern parts of Tolima. Some of the purchasing points are close to the borders of both Cauca and Huila. In cooperation with Nordic Approach and one of our exporters, they have initiated a program called Programa de Finca to incentivize and detect growers doing exceptional qualities. The deliveries per grower are relatively small, and can vary from 300 kg of parchment up to 3000 kg of parchment throughout the season. The average per farmer now is around 700 kg, divided in to several parchment deliveries. The bodegas (purchasing points) must separate and keep track on every small delivery from the grower. Most growers can deliver more quality when they see that the program works, and that they get the investment of improved preparation in return.

Cafisur's headquarter has a very well-functioning lab, good cuppers, and a quality control system that ensure total traceability. They do a preselection to approve the basic quality parameters, before we cup all the approved samples and decide for purchase, and what to blend in to medium sized lots, or what to keep as small separate lots. We are paying premiums to the growers based on cupping score. These premiums are going entirely back to the growers. Tolima has its main harvest around June, so all these coffees are really fresh and harvested in June/July. Unlike several other regions they are mainly having one harvest period per year.


I have roasted this coffee to Tonino number 115 (our lightest roast yet), much lighter than i would have roasted a Colombian in the past, and it has really paid dividends.  I am very pleased with this coffee.

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