5 LONDINIUM R to book out

by Reiss Gunson on Saturday, 04 February 2017 03:53

its 03:30 here in Auckland and ive got out of bed to book out these five machines

the issue is there are no 120V machines in this five which i expected there would be as there were a number of 120V orders that are now our oldest open orders, so it prompted me to raise the question; are you out of a 120V component

it has just been confirmed to me that 120V pumps were not delivered when they were meant to have been and they are bulding the 120V machines now

i do apologise for this poor communication because it is making me look like an ass

i have been assured just now via Skype chat that they will be ready for me to despatch on Monday

i sincerely apologise for this and i am not at all happy about it

as a result of this distortion i am about to book out some 240V machines that on the basis of when they were placed i expected to be fulfilled in the second batch

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