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This is the machine we looked high and low for and couldn't buy.  So we made it

An espresso machine that allows you to evaluate your espresso roasts accurately, consistently, and easily, yet small enough for environments where space is at a premium

LONDINIUM R is designed to be on all day

No cooling shots.  No warming shots.  No back-flushing.  Just pull & go.

Texture the milk in seconds, before the espresso has finished being drawn

Pair the LONDINIUM R with a good grinder and espresso excellence is assured

The LONDINIUM R has a cold water reservoir of 3 litres and uses a rotary pump to draw this water into the boiler and the heat exchanger

Pre-infusion pressure is governed by a secondary pressure switch which we set at the factory to 3 bar, but you can adjust between 1.5 and 4.0 bar should you desire

The LONDINIUM R is the finest tank fed espresso machine money can buy, whether you are considering a pump or lever espresso machine

A number of Slayer owners subsequently purchased the LONDINIUM R and to the best of our knowledge the LONDINIUM R has exceeded the expectations of each and every one

It is the most forgiving espresso machine we know of

No drilling, no plumbing, no drains, and a quietly spoken rotary pump.  Get it out of the box and plug it in.  Fill the water tank with water, turn it on, and you're good to go

Our optional plumbing kit is available, but we struggle to imagine why you would bother.  Our plumbing kit allows you to remove the pump for completely silent operation and fill the machine from your water mains, and drain the drip tray to your waste pipe

Should you elect to plumb any espresso machine in we advise you in the strongest terms to install an isolating valve and that this valve be closed when the machine is unattended, and also install a leak detection alarm with auto actuating valve.  None of this is needed if you do not plumb the machine in

The LONDINIUM R is supplied with one bottomless wenge handled portafilter and a double basket

The LONDINIUM R is built with the steam wand on the right, but from 11 March 2018 the water and steam pipes have been relocated on the boiler so they are ambidextrous, allowing you to swap the steam wand to the left and back again with no extra parts.  We have produced a detailed instructional video and placed it in the permanent file, which you will be able to access once you order your machine (assuming you create an account on our website, rather than ordering as a guest)

Power options
2400W, 240V Argentina / New Zealand / Australia / China (ANZAC) plug, or UK plug, or EU plug
1400W, 120V US plug
Water supply
Boiler capacity 2.3L
Reservoir 3.0L
Architecture & design
Design (standard) All panels including the drip tray & grate are heavy duty solid stainless steel sheet, mirror polished. All grips are solid wenge hardwood

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