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Pump intermittently turns on (at pressure and no activity)

2 months 1 day ago #16884 by Rob West
Sorry, not meaning to appear difficult to please. I'm very pleased with my LR!

Anyhow, from looking at the pressure readings in the app I figured out what is going on. The pump is just doing its job and kicking in when the pressure drops below the set point. With my usual PI range of 2-3.5 bar it doesn't happen that often, but the pressure does fall that low from time to time. Moving the PI pressure to 6 bar causes the behaviour more frequently. Normally the pressure is around 8-12 bar.

The original question from me was whether the low pressure in the system might mean I have a piston seal leaking slightly. Is that possible, or is the occasional drop to below 3 bar normal? In my case with the expansion valve isn't an issue as I am getting the occasional check valve warning.

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2 months 1 day ago #16885 by Reiss Gunson
hi rob

if it is more than 12 months, certainly if it is more than 15 months, since you changed the piston seals that is where i would start because it is the easiest and will need to be done soon anyway

because your 'pressure leak' is so slow i doubt that it is the inlet solenoid failing to fully close as a result of a piece of grit in it as it would leak much faster


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