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Londinium single basket and londinium tamper working against each other

9 months 4 weeks ago #16146 by Lee Ramseur

Terra Banes wrote: For some reason, 10 grams in my single basket cannot be tamped. I just tried again, but it isn’t enough coffee to get to a point where the tamper can sit flat/tamp flat (not wobble or tilt). I tried a coarser grind as well, just to see if grind size affected it, but same result. That is a puzzle... unless we are using different tampers, perchance? My tamper is not the same as the one pictured on your webstore site; mine is perhaps an earlier version? (Wood top with solid brass base & the sides of the brass base are straight, not sloped nor indented. )

Bean density plays a significant role in how much volume the espresso grinds take up in the basket. You and Reiss may both be using 10g doses, but he could be using a low density bean (grinds will have larger volume), and you could be using a high density bean (grinds take up less volume).

Personally, I've never messed with singles because all my shots are doubles. Although my wife wants a single for her latte, I pull a double and sip half! Gives me the chance to adjust for taste this way.

If you really want to try the single, consider increasing your dose until you're able to tamp without the tamper hitting the sloped sides of the basket. Depending on bean density, you may need to go dose higher than you'd think.

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8 months 3 weeks ago - 8 months 3 weeks ago #16252 by Terra Banes
I wanted to update my progress on using a single basket with the Londinium & give my thanks to fellow Londinium user, “Salvatore” for his recommendation & experiences with the LM Advanced Precision single basket. I have had immediate success with this basket, using a 7 gram dose, really pleased to have this option, and to use it with the bottomless portafilter! I have a makeshift tamper that is not a perfect fit, but almost, and amazingly performs well. The straight edges of the lower portion of the basket seem to make all the difference when using such a low dose. There is a slight more bit of fiddling to get all the dose to settle into the lower portion of the basket, prior to tamping, but easily accomplished. If there are others looking for a way to make a great 7 gram shot, I would add my recommendation to Salvatore’s. ( I will be pulling many more straight-up espressos when it is this easy & speedy to pull a quick shot & without overdoing my daily limit of caffeine!)
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8 months 3 weeks ago #16253 by Reiss Gunson
good. excellent. thank you for taking the time to give back to the forum for the benefit of other owners.

kind regards


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8 months 3 weeks ago #16254 by Terra Banes
The Londinium is such a joy to use! I’d spend my whole day making espresso on it, if I had my druthers!:) :)

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