We use and recommend Nuova Fima S.p.A pressure gauges

by Reiss Gunson on Tuesday, 23 March 2021 15:12

On the cold water line on our plumbed in machines we use and recommend Nuovafima gauges of Italy

The small plastic ones are too small to accurately set or read the preinfusion pressure in our view

This 63mm diameter gauge in 0-6 bar range gives you 0.1 bar increments, which is about perfect

In New Zealand we buy them from these guys, http://www.cps.co.nz/shop/gauges/63-mm-gauges/63mm-brass/stainless-bottom-entry-gauge/P147/C36

Given there are so few bits to break in our plumbed in machines, spend a little bit more on the installation and enjoy the reward of a nice set up for years to come


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