Londinium app update

by Reiss Gunson on Saturday, 27 February 2021 09:47

Blynk have responded very quickly and had a fix developed within an hour of the right person getting involved

Unfortunately in this instance the time zones worked against us as Blynk are in New York and I am in New Zealand, but here we are

Blynk have now asked me to enter the privacy and data control settings for the new version of the app, which i have just completed

My expectation is Blynk will then release the App to Apple for publication and then we wait - i have no idea whether that process is 'semi-instantanuous' or whether some days may pass whiist the wheels of the corporate juggernaut turn

As i understand it you will need to download a new version of the App from the App store; the current version will not work

I will post here again as soon as i know more

Thank you for your understanding

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