If you own a LONDINIUM lever espresso machine nothing has changed

by Reiss Gunson on Sunday, 22 March 2020 11:56

because londinium was built from day one as an all online business it is business as usual here

if you own a londinium lever espresso machine you own a machine that you can fix yourself with our support, which is provided through multiple channels; the Support section of our website which allows you to see how your issue has been solved by other customers.  if you have questions you can post a reply to the thread that seems relevant to you.  if you ask at a time when i am asleep there is a good chance that another owner will reply before i get to it; in this way you have support across all time zones

in addition to that we have support via email and WhatsApp/Facetime HD video calls which work much better than email for any issue that involves phrases like; 'i have this noise, it sounds kind of like...' - email is hopeless for those kinds of issues but a HD video call is a silver bullet

now that i reside in New Zealand it is much easier for me to provide one-on-one support for customers in North and South America than it was when i lived in London, solely due to the time zones

we do not have any debt and our business is a pre-pay model

if for some reason our manufacturer closes (either by public order, or it became less expensive to close the factory than to keep it operating if demand fell sufficiently), we will stop accepting orders on our webshop and contact the customers of any open orders and offer immediate refunds

of the parts that are sourced in italy (pumps, solenoids, etc) we have about 3 month supply on hand so this is not an immediate issue - it will become an issue at the other end when the world economy is trying to get started again, that is when the pain will occur

but in the meantime it is business as usual and we are trying to get orders out promptly to minimise your anxiety

the silver lining to all this is the R&D facility has been freed up considerably and so i am now confident that we will get the LC to market this year

we are also very close on the wireless dongle and a few other fun projects too to lighten the mood


kind regards



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