A new customer from Paris

by Reiss Gunson on Monday, 21 January 2019 17:15

Good afternoon Reiss,

This is really nice of you but it’s really not on you.

Also I’m looking for fully white ancap cups (I’m kind of a purist).

But this email for an even more important thing: I just shot my first espresso! Oh.. god..

I guess I saw so many YouTube videos on this that it was almost right at the first one.

I shot a Guatemala coffee from a roaster named Coutume (which has renowned coffee shops in Paris) and it was really good.

And of course I didn’t play with the other shower cap yet nor the digital pre-infusion.

Thank you for this wonderful (and absolutely beautiful) machine.

Also as a side note from a wood lover: I am really happy to see that you let all the wood parts naked, ready for me to oil and wax them as it should be ;)

Have a nice day.


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