TransferWise - a secure and efficient way to pay

by Reiss Gunson on Thursday, 22 November 2018 16:46

This week made a major announcement that makes their services as useful to us as Paypal currently is

Previously you needed to open a account if you wanted to pay us using

Effective immediately that is no longer required

TransferWise have provided us with bank accounts in the following countries so you can pay us simply and securely with a domestic bank transfer, just as you pay all your other bills

We are now in a postion to allow you to pay the spot rate equivalent of the GBP price for the following currencies:

GBP - to a bank account in London

USD - to a bank account in New York

EUR - to a bank account in Munich

AUD - to a bank account in Melbourne

NZD - to a bank account in Auckland

The team who support my website have not yet had an opportunity to integrate the above changes into the checkout pages, but if it is of interest to you contact me and i can email you the relevant bank account details for your currency

The reason why this is so exciting is we currently have to charge a premium on the non GBP prices to cover the significant transaction costs we incur to convert the non GBP funds into GBP in order to pay our bills which are mostly in GBP

As a result of TransferWise we will now be in a position to offer you the spot rate equivalent of the GBP price with no premium baked in, assuming you are paying by bank transfer and not by credit card or Paypal

We are more than willing to pass these savings on in order to make our machines as affordable as possible

In addition we receive your funds much faster, which means we place your order with the factory faster, which means we ship your machine sooner and it arrives sooner

The vast majority of our sales are for export so this development is a significant step forward for our business

No black friday gimmicks here, just a continuous commitment to getting a niche product to you anywhere in the world as simply and securely as we can

Kind regards



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