Our digital pre-infusion kit is available for LR owners in early December 2018

by Reiss Gunson on Saturday, 03 November 2018 14:48

It is easy to fit, does not look like an add-on once fitted, makes optimising the machine for your particular roast a precise no tools push of a button, and it enhances reliability

the module includes the wireless hardware from day one so customers with the skills to do so will be able to develop software to control the unit wirelessly too

in time we will build our own app for wireless control but we will not get the app to market this year

it may be worth noting that all we are doing here is taking a mechanical pressure reducing (regulating) valve and pressure gauge that you have on the water supply line to an L1/2/3 and minaturising it to fit inside the LR such that we change the pre-infusion pressure through a wide range without the need for tools or guages to check the set pressure once the change is made; we are simply bringing the capabilities of the L1/2/3 to the LR

the kit is also light and compact for international express delivery with DHL

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