An email from customer Jeff

by Reiss Gunson on Saturday, 03 November 2018 14:18

Reiss, just pulled my first shot using the Kafatek Monolith grinder, the beans that Denis sends with it that he tests with, and the Londinium - BEST ESPRESSO EVER! Not just bullshitting here - seriously - this is the best shot I've ever had - more depth, more color, more fullness than anything I've ever produced before, or had made for me by others.

I am wowed. Years ago when I went from my old Gaggia Classic to a real E61 HX machine and a good grinder I had a similar improvement in what I was able to produce. This time - more improvement to the point where I have far surpassed anything I have been able to make myself - or anything that has been made for me.

I'm super happy. Between the LR and the Monolith - doesn't get any better, I'm convinced!

Thank you again for all the help,


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