Why do I need to create an account to make a purchase?

by Reiss Gunson on Wednesday, 28 March 2018 19:33

There are several functional reasons why we have decided to disable the guest checkout:

1) Customers who purchase a machine with an account are automatically given access to the owners' only area of the support form, which is an important post sale support channel

2) Purchases made with an account have an order history

3) It enables us to process orders for customers purchasing with a VAT ID more easily

We were spending an inordinate amount of time manually adding owner access privileges to accounts the moment the machine arrived with the customer as they were unable to access the most recent version of the LR instruction manual, which is held as a PDF in the permanent file

This access is automatically assigned if an account is created at the time of purchasing the machine

Almost all purchasers of machines who checked out as a guest would create an account within 24 hours of purchase and then need owner privileges manually added to their account

We apologise for any inconvenience this causes but our over riding objective is to improve your customer experience

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