Dipper fed lever groups overheat with consecutive shots & are useless for light roasts

by Reiss Gunson on Monday, 01 January 2018 16:24

Dont take our word for it though*, make it your new year's resolution to buy a dipper fed machine and prove it to yourself in 2018

That's why our LONDINIUM R mimics the architecture of our commerical LONDINIUM III, II, and I machines but with the conveninece of a plug and play tank feed and a much smaller footprint in your kitchen

Get it out of the box, fill it up, and turn it on.  Simple

No need to drill holes in your granite bench top either

LONDINIUM.  Lever machines for speciality coffee


*unlike my critics i have built machines in a variety of architectures with my own funds, and then put the best performing design into production

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