We now have a fibre internet connection for high quality FaceTime & Skype video calls

Reiss Gunson  |  News
11:06 AM

This is today's news, just connected up an hour ago.  We now have the advertised speed for the service of 200mbps down and 20mbps up

Now that we have it up and running i will upgrade our account to a premium service which is sold with an advertised speed of 700-900mbps down and 400-500mbps up

I will let you know when we have this premium service in place

Now please do make use of this service as it is a superb way for me to provide the highest quality of customer service to you

Email is fine for basic yes/no issues, but if you want help with some aspect of your technique or wonder how something 'looks' or indeed any kind of subjective issue, please do use Facetime, or Skype

Just email me to arrange a time that is mutually convenient