LONDINIUM R, today's update

Reiss Gunson  |  News
23:02 PM

A few hours ago i wrote this email to the manufacturer of our machines, as i fairly frustrated just now to be honest as some of you have been waiting since the beginning of march for your machines and its not good enough


hi adrian

my understanding is the current batch of LR have passed through testing and are awaiting packing

can you please ensure that we at least get some machines out the door today?

i do appreciate that easter has added to the delays, but some of these orders are getting a bit long in the tooth

it would be nice to finish the week on a high

Kind regards


i have just received a response, which reads:


Sorry Reiss I am not in at the moment I am in the process of moving house things are up in the air. Just liaise with Hayley.
We have got a big sickness issue at the moment 2 long termers and others plus holidays are killing us. We are recruiting more staff as we are putting another build line in end of next month along with 2 new Linpac storage lifts.
We just can’t produce machines fast enough anymore.
Just bear with us and we will get there.



So, you now have all the information i have.  I have been assured that the batch is built and tested, they simply do not have enough staff to pack all the machines that need to be packed today.  I am confident that we will get all of the remainder of this batch out the door next week and i apologise for this further delay.

Customers that have ordered grinders with machines i have sent out the door on DHL today at my cost as a token of good faith to show that we havent forgotten about you

We have stock on hand to fill the L2 orders received this week so i would expect them to leave on Tuesday

The L3 orders received this week have been built and are going onto test later today and i would expect to despatch these perhaps Wedsnesday next week, although i will need to confirm that on monday when the production manager is back

If you have any concerns in the interim please do not hesitate to contact me over the weekend, i am almost always available

I am looking forward to providing you with only positive news next week

I have booked out one LONDINIUM R today, which is destined for Prague

all parts orders are being despatchd promptly, as usual, and are unaffected by the issues detailed above