Swiss Gold Filter vs Paper Filter

by Reiss Gunson on Tuesday, 12 May 2009 23:41

Here at Londinium Espresso we have a rather egalitarian view of life. One of our founding principles is that great coffee should be available to everyone. However we recognise that not everyone is in a position to make a not inconsiderable investment in a grinder and espresso machine. And even those that are will often find themselves at a distance from their espresso machine and in desperate need of a great coffee.

So, what to do we thought to ourselves? Not ones to give up on a challenge easily we went out and tried all kinds of coffee making contraptions over the last 3 years, of vary cost and complexity. And guess what? We have clear winner!

The Swissgold filter.

In our opinion it knocks spots off anything else we tried on taste alone. Its closest rival in terms of affordability and ease of use, the paper filter cup, was let down in our long term test on taste and finding ourselves short on paper filters when we needed one most! A paper filter absorbs many of the oils in the coffee (which transport many of the complex flavours in the coffee) and prevents them from making their way down into your cup, and our taste tests confirmed this.

The Swissgold filter is well made, incredibly simple to use, affordable, and can be cleaned in seconds with a quick rinse under the tap. But most importantly they make fantastic coffee.

It really is this simple:

The 22K gold plated filter in all its glory

1. Ensure you centre the filter on top of your cup so it won’t topple off and burn anyone

2. Add coffee to taste – say a rounded table spoon for starters (we have found it is remarkably tolerant of different grind sizes & can’t really explain why, other than to say that this certainly isn’t the case for the paper filter systems)

3. Place the insert in after you have added the coffee

4. Carefully add the water

5. Yes, it does take a while to filter through, but trust us – it is well worth the wait!

Watch this space for more exciting news on this product in the next few weeks

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