Vacuum coffee still magnificent

by Reiss Gunson on Wednesday, 23 September 2009 12:36

Guests for supper tonight, providing the perfect excuse to get out the methylated spirits powered Cona vacuum coffee maker. In reflection I’d have to admit I forgotten just how superior the coffee is to filter coffee. Its fairly easy to set up, but make sure you use hot water or it will take half an hour to heat the water with the meths bruner. It certainly isn’t the weapon of choice for a quick cup before work. Cona also offer a stove top version which would be exponentially quicker, but it certainly lacks the charm of the classic meths burner version. If you haven’t tried vacuum coffee before you really should. I can only describe the taste as exceptionally clean and sweet, the result of the coffee only ever coming into contact with glass during the entire process. The website that Cona run is an embarrassment, but the product is best in class. Check them out, still based in Wimbledon, London, since their formation in something like 1920 I understand.


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