Columbian supremo

by Reiss Gunson on Tuesday, 27 October 2009 02:29

avert your eyes if you are a ‘micro-lot’ only kind of espresso drinker. as you are probably aware the columbian coffee has been knocked around quite a lot by adverse weather this year. as a result we have struggled to obtain columbian coffee that is well suited to espresso production. well the good news is we have a shipment of fresh columbian supremo in that is making a fabulous espresso. you are quite right, it is not from a single estate, or a single lot within an estate, its just supremo from a variety of estates. like it or not, but this is often the kind of coffee that translates best into espresso. yes, we readily admit that if you drink your coffee with milk it is a bit flat and one dimensional, but for espresso use it is simply one of the smoothest coffees we have. unfortunately much of the highly prized micro lot coffee has too much acidity, and is too bright & too sharp for making a smooth espresso. but this particular shipment of supremo beans are absolutely perfect for espresso

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