Why stop at one? Announcing LONDINIUM II & III

by Reiss Gunson on Friday, 24 August 2012 02:33

In September/October Londinium will be offering LONDINIUM II (a 2 group commercial spring lever machine) and LONDINIUM III ( a 3 group commercial spring lever machine), both mains water fed

LONDINIUM II will also be available in a very nicely engineered dual fuel configuration (electric & gas) for applications where you may wish to run your espresso machine on gas, e.g. taking it to festivals, exhibitions, and on coffee carts.  Unlike all the gas fired machines we've used, the firebox in LONDINIUM II won't be extinguished when you use it in a windy location!

LONDINIUM II & III will have the same group as LONDINIUM I, but they will come with the twin spring

We just couldn't get the twin spring configuration to work in LONDINIUM I without adding about 5Kg of ballast, or extending the overall length by about another 150mm to stop it tipping over, neither of which we consider acceptable

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