LONDINIUM I, refined

by Reiss Gunson on Friday, 30 August 2013 11:59

If you place an order for a LONDINIUM I now it not only comes with solid wenge handles, but in the interests of burnishing its compact commercial credentials, it now comes with pop-off panels which attach to a subframe just as you find on a commercial machine, which gives the machine all rolled edges (i.e. no raw/cut edges) for a more refined look

As previously posted LONDINIUM I now comes with three LED signal lights, white (power), blue (water inlet solenoid open), and red (immersion element on). These lights have all been moved closer to the centre of the machine for ease of visibility, as has the manometer

The drip tray is also slightly different, with the 45 degree up stand on the back removed as a result of customer feedback, and a slightly different grate.

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