LONDINIUM II dual fuel: the ultimate machine for mobile retail espresso operators

Reiss Gunson  |  Blog
13:35 PM

LONDINIUM II in dual fuel configuration gives you the best of both worlds; conventional electric immersion element for when mains power is available and a state of the art gas burner system for when you're off grid

With LONDINIUM II you don't need to go an buy a generator either, just a heavy duty 12V car battery and a 1000W inverter to power your grinder and the low current demands of the electric control circuit in the LONDINIUM II.  This means less capital outlay to get started, no noisy generator to upset customers, no generator maintenance costs, more reliable.  Combine that with the inherent reliability, low running costs and ease of repair in out of the way locations that lever espresso machines offer, combined with exceptional espresso, and the attractiveness of the package above and beyond the taste of the espresso quickly becomes apparent