About LONDINIUM espresso

LONDINIUM espresso saw an opportunity to develop their business beyond roasting coffee to creating high quality lever espresso machines specifically designed to ensure you get the very best out of third wave speciality espresso coffee roasts.  At the time lever espresso machines were in terminal decline as they tried to compete with pump driven machines simply by stripping costs from the product

As a result of our venture lever espresso machines are now assured a bright future, in the same way that vinyl and turntables are in the hi-fi world.  Neither will ever be mainstream product choices again, but they enjoy strong support from a dedicated band of enthusiasts who appreciate the simplicity of a lever espresso machine, and the opportunity to self service in remote locations with parts that arrive in a couple of days rather than months to any location on the globe that DHL Worldwide Express deliver to

LONDINIUM espresso has been roasting single estate roasts for espresso lovers worldwide since 2004, with a track record of continiuous improvement during that time

Our quest for the ultimate espresso led us to design and build in England our own range of lever espresso machines to do one thing: to make it easy for you to pull perfect speciality espresso consistently

Since 2004 we have sunk countless hours into developing the LONDINIUM espresso system: an end to end process than ensures almost anyone can make exceptional espresso for themselves.  In particular our research has led us to discover the exceptional Compak E5 grinder for home use, the development of the LONDINIUM distribution tool for exceptional espresso extraction that exceeds 90% excellence in the cup, the Espazzola group cleaning tool, Acaia digital scales, Tonino colorimeter for home roasters, and high quality porcelain cups from Ancap SpA of Italy in espresso (80mL) and flat white (150mL) sizes

We have sold over 1000 lever espresso machines to 47 countries, and with our free shipping worldwide offer with DHL Worldwide Express we expect these numbers to grow.  With DHL we have never lost a parcel ever and none of our current range of machines have arrived damaged, anywhere, ever.  We have shipped to the bottom of the world in New Zealand and places as diverse as Venzuela, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Guernsey, South Africa, Tahiti, Hawaii, Macau, Oman, Pakistan, and the Royal Kingdom of Brunei.

We will safely deliver your LONDINIUM lever espresso machine to you too and provide best in class, personalised, after sales service and support with Facetime and Skype video services

All products are sold with a twelve month warranty

Reiss Gunson